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Favorite vacation spot? Houseboat trips on Lake Powell. I love to swim, water ski and knee board.

Favorite Book at the moment? Do not have one at the moment, but “Hanta Yo” is probably my, all time, favorite by Ruth Beebe Hill, an American saga about the Lakota Sioux.

Who are your favorite Designers? I love hand fabricated jewelry so my favorite designers would have to be Arman Sarkisyan, and Paul Morelli. Morelli’s ”Bell” collection is melodic and I love his “Pebble” collection, rich, colorful and fabulous workmanship. Our very own, Von Bargen’s, Heirloom Collection is to die for.

Recommendations for a rainy day? Get lots of projects done at home and stay positive or go swimming with my granddaughter at the Rec Center.

Music you like? Love most anything by Shakira.

Do you have a favorite gemstone? Diamonds, the brilliance, the sparkle, our “Legacy Ideal Cut”, White, fancy Blues, Pinks or Yellows. It is my birthstone. Got to love it! In opaque material, I love turquoise, opal, malachite, lapis and lavulite (Sugilite). They can be extraordinary as inlay pieces or set as a center piece and of course, accented by ideally cut diamonds.

What is your creative outlet? Painting and photography. Springfield Chamber of Commerce Barn Star project was a wonderful fundraiser that made me realize how much I miss painting. My choice was a colorful autumn Maple Leaf painted in acrylic on a very large barn star.

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